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Hair Removal Cream - Painless Hair Remover Spray

Hair Removal Cream - Painless Hair Remover Spray

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Gentle hair removal- The gentle plant extracts in this hair removal bubble may relieve skin irritation and shrink pores without causing pain.
Lasting smoothness This Hair Removal Spray removes body hair from the roots while also leaving the skin silky and supple.

Growth inhibition - The product's hair suppressing molecules reach the hair follicles, blocking growth nutrition and slowing hair growth.

Repair & nourish a variety of botanical extracts gently depilate, nourish and protect, and make skin elastic.

Say goodbye to razors, shavers, wax, or depilatory creams! If you have any of them in your cupboard, it’s time to throw them away. 

This 100% Permanent Natural Hair Removal Spray deserves a space in your beauty cupboard more than all those you’ve been previously using. Unwanted hair no more! More and more people are using and loving it. Try it for yourself and you'll never want to use any other depilatory methods anymore. The process can’t get any more convenient than this!

Description: -Quick hair removal in 8 minutes.

-Soothing repair, delicate and, gentle and moisturizing.

-Natural plant extracts gently moisturize and repair skin while moisturizing.

-The hair removal spray, one spray and one wipe, which is convenient and quick.

-Parts that can be depilated: thighs, back, arms, armpits, waist, etc.

use: 1. Wash the hair removal area before depilation.

2. Spray evenly on the area where hair removal is required and wait for 8 minutes.

3. Wipe with a towel or paper towel against the direction of hair growth.

4. Wash the skin.

5. You can apply moisturizer.

note: 1. The skin is damaged and the inflamed area is used statically. 2. Please place it in a place that is not accessible to children who are cool and dry, avoid direct sunlight and keep it from fire. 3. Before use, please try the hair removal part in a small place to test the skin reaction. If there is no adverse reaction after 24 hours, you can start using it.

Specification: 1)Hair Removal Spray -Weight:35g -Net Weight:30ml -Size:10.6*2.7*2.7cm



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