Bluetooth hoverboard
Bluetooth hoverboard
Bluetooth hoverboard
Bluetooth hoverboard

Bluetooth hoverboard

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Multiple-safety features: Integrated battery overcharge prevention. Engine safety control system that has been tested and approved to European requirements. Our first goal is the safety of our users. A well-tested, highly robust battery ensures driver safety.
With two incredibly strong engines, the Markerboard is capable of propelling you to speeds in excess of 15 kilometres per hour under typical driving circumstances with a weight of 20kg 120 kg.
 Simple to operate: This is a simple-to-use self-balancing electric skateboard that takes no more than 1-2 hours to master. After around 30 minutes,
                                     a kid may walk alone on the sidewalk.
 Product description:
 ✓The battery protection system can last longer, and the low battery reminds, you to drive with peace of mind.
✓Multiple protections system, all focused on safe driving.
✓Remarkable Smart Chip improve further performance and eliminate safety hazards.
✓Built-more superior chips than the same price segment ensure all-around security.
✓Smart gravity sensors make self-perceived weight changes to develop protection plans.
✓No-inflatable solid rubber tire with strong Climbing capacity perform on various road conditions. Good gift for kids and Adults.
✓We recommend wearing some protective gear, especially for a novice.
✓Be sure to read the entire manual before using the scooter.
✓The powerful motor is more secure for driving.
✓Glowing tires make you cooler and safer at night.
 Please feel free to contact us when you need any assistance.
Technical specifications:
Net Weight: 6.3KGS
Size: 6.5 inches
Motor Power: 2 x 350 W Battery type: rechargeable lithium Material: ABS PC
Load: 25-100KGS
Loading time: 2-3 hours Max Climbing Limit: 15 ° Max speed: <15km / h Max Mileage: <15km with a full charge. (Under factory test. varies by weight, road conditions and the weather etc)Max slope capacity:< 18 degrees
Dustproof: Yes 
Bluetooth: Yes         LED: Yes


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