Mini Mobile Phone Monocular Telescope With Tripod
Mini Mobile Phone Monocular Telescope With Tripod
Mini Mobile Phone Monocular Telescope With Tripod
Mini Mobile Phone Monocular Telescope With Tripod

Mini Mobile Phone Monocular Telescope With Tripod

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The Monocular Telescope is a marvellous device that provides the user with optimum magnification while also keeping to a minimum the effective aperture.


This means that you'll be able to get an up-close view of whatever it is you're looking at while still having a clear image. So if you're looking to explore nature or want to get a better view of something far away, this telescope is perfect for you.


The Monocular Telescope's purpose is to obtain maximum magnification with the lowest effective aperture possible. All of this while maintaining a bright flux and an effective resolution angle.

It has a 30 times greater luminous flux than standard Starscopes of the same diameter. It has a 47-fold better resolution angle and a maximum magnification of 300 times.

It's the first monocular to achieve this magnification at such a small scale while maintaining a highly clean image.


At a distance of 10 kilometres, you can easily see your targets.
Even at night, the integrated night vision provides good visibility.
Turn on autofocus and turn off the background so you can concentrate on what you want to see.
The anti-vibration technology and 3D gyroscope with tripod enable an extremely stable field of view once the magnification is reached. It outperforms the majority of astronomical telescopes, which are frequently more expensive.


16x52 high-powered monocular for adults - a full 16x magnification monocular, provides a clear and bright image.

This monocular telescope has a large field of view, just feel free to enjoy the beauty of the distance, bird watching, hiking, camping, etc.

This portable monocular is easy to hold with one hand.

You also could connect your phone with the tripod and smartphone

adapter(5.4cm-9cm, compatible with most smartphones in the market, for iPhone/Samsung/Google pixels /LG /Sony,, etc). It's very convenient when you watch something for a long time.


Nowadays Everyone wants to take high-quality photos or videos anytime and everywhere. 

The Starscape 40x60 Monocular offers you a high zoom factor. Best for taking distance pictures at a concert, sporting event, hiking, zoo, etc. Animal and Bird watchers like the zoom function, waterproof and BAK4 function. It's easy-to-use and has a high-quality finishing.


The Starscape monocular telescope has a large field of view, Perfect for Moon watching, bird watching, climbing, hiking, and other outdoor activities.



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