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oxygen-concentrator portable oxygen concentrator

$557.99 $665.99


You may get oxygen treatment at home, without having to spend hundreds of dollars on other equipment or medical centers, with this oxygen concentrator that we present in a special offer.


This device gives oxygen treatment to patients in concentrations that are greater than those found in the environment while also maintaining steady blood oxygen flow. With home oxygen, you may have a constant supply of air with only one device. It works by drawing in ordinary room air and compressing it via filters, removing dangerous gases like nitrogen and providing you with an oxygen therapy at home.


  • With a built-in nebulizer.
  • Large color LED touch screen.
  • Long working time.
  • Design with voice function.
  • Smart alarm.
  • Intelligent noise reduction system.



the portable oxygen concentrator . It also eliminates harmful gases like nitrogen and carbon dioxide from regular air. The operation consists of sucking in the regular air from your room and compressing it to remove these gases through filters. With this product, you can have oxygen therapy at home without having to spend hundreds on other devices or medical centers, making it easy and fastest way possible!

If you require oxygen therapy at home, do not hesitate to get this oxygen concentrator from us! Purchase it right now!


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