Multifunctional Smart Sweeping Robot Charging Lazy Vacuum Cleaner Small Household Cleaner Sweeping Machine

Multifunctional Smart Sweeping Robot Charging Lazy Vacuum Cleaner Small Household Cleaner Sweeping Machine

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If you're like most people, you probably hate vacuuming. It's a tedious task that requires your full attention and leaves your floors clean but often dusty. Well, thanks to the robot vacuum cleaner, you can kiss that hated chore goodbye! These nifty little machines work diligently while you go about your day, automatically sucking up all the dirt and dust on your floors. They're perfect for busy families or anyone who wants to declutter their home without lifting a finger (except to press a button).

Robot vacuum cleaners are made to do more than just clean carpets. They have the ability to remove germs and other bacteria that are harmful to humans. These devices are designed to kill harmful bacteria without the use of chemicals that are harmful to our environment. Some people prefer to purchase a robot vacuum cleaners over one that uses chemicals because they are able to control the number of chemicals used. This is important if you have pets. You don't want to let the chemicals take their lives away.


When you research the best robot vacuum cleaners, it is important that you take into consideration the type of model you are interested in purchasing. If you purchase the best, you will be able to get the most for your money. You should look for features such as electric power, bag storage, and speed. The number of motors is another feature to consider. If there are multiple motors, it will allow you to reach corners and higher areas with ease.

Reliable, and good on rugs

This tried-and-true robot vacuum is much more durable and repairable than similar bots from other brands and is better at cleaning rugs too. It’s a nimble navigator that rarely gets stuck, though it works best when it only has to clean three or four rooms at a time.


Operation Mode:

  1. Switch mode: Press the host switch, and the sweeper enters the working mode working lamp to light up. Press the host switch again and turn off the sweeper.
  2. Charging mode: Connect the Micro- USB head of the USB cable to the charging port of the sweeper and connect the USB head to the converter for charging.
  3. Charge Status: The charging indicator light is on. indicating that the charging is being charged and the OFF indicates that the charging is complete and the general charging time is about 2-3 hours. Function: One-button start, sweeping, mopping, vacuum cleaner, USB charging, universal driving, automatic avoidance obstacles, anti-drop, low noise, intimate, low repetition, high coverage.


1. For safety reasons, this product should be operated by people with physical and mental health and over 14 years of age.

2. This product is not waterproof, do not let the product contact any liquid and shallow water, away from the source of the fire.

3. It is forbidden to use in the suspended environment, such as rooftop, staircase, duplex house and so on.

4. When the product is at work, please take care of your family and pets to prevent falling, stampedes and other injuries.

5. The product uses a universal design when encountered in front of obstacles, the opportunity to change direction.

6. Stop charging when the red light goes out, prevent overcharge, affect service life and accident.

7. If the product appears abnormal phenomena, such as odour, smoke, abnormal noise, excessive fever. Please stop using immediately.


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Packing list:
1* intelligent sweeping robot
1* charging cable
2* brush
1* blanket


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