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Unique Portable Mini Home Air Purifier

$84 $99.99

Looking for a way to improve your indoor air quality?

Look no further than our air purifier! Our purifier is perfect for large and small spaces and is easy to use anywhere. Plus, it comes with a handy travel size so you can keep your humidity levels in check no matter where you are. Improve your comfort and health today with our air purifier!

soft tone operation purifies all night:

purify the air and refresh the indoor environment for bedroom use

car use: purify the air of the whole car, so that formaldehyde has nowhere to escape create a healthy and cleanly car environment, 360 DEGRE surround wind speed up the cycle.

effectively purify the air , PM2.5, secondhand smoke, peculiar smell and other pollutants, keeping the air in the car always fresh.


I think you could. There’s also  a free additional filter in the package

NOTE: For the product, we have two different designs.

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